Scenes of a Life

Cynthia hug tackled me from behind as I sat on the college library steps writing. “Hi Melissa,” she said into my ear.

“Hi, Cynthia. You’re early.” I said

“Class got out early,” she said, while laying her body against my back, “Aren’t you supposed to be in class?”

“I skipped,” I said and went back to writing. Cynthia humphed but didn’t say anything else. After a couple of minutes, I moved her arms from my shoulders to around my waist, when it became apparent she wasn’t going anywhere. Not that I really minded. The day had turned from mildly warm to slightly chilly. The long sleeve shirt I was wearing might have been enough, if the chill in the air had not also come with gusting wind that cut right through the t-shirt material. With Cynthia on my back not only was the wind mostly blocked but she also helped warmed me up.

A shadow fell over my notebook. I steeled myself for a verbal assault. Most people just walked past us but every now and then some guy would gawk at us and even rarer was the guy that would call us names. So, I was only a little concerned when I someone stopped in front of us. I looked up at the guy standing below us on the steps but still towering over us and smiled, “Hi, Richard.”

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Scientist of Death #1

Author note: I am going to be posting more “issues” of this story but it won’t be on a weekly basis. Next week starts the run of Lisa’s Story: Zombie Apocalypse on Mondays. S.O.D #2 may come out the following week on Wednesday and bi-weekly after that but no promises.

Retail at Christmas time is a special kind of hell. On it’s own retail is hell but when the holidays come around it’s like dropping further down a couple of levels into the pit. The crush of people who can’t put a shirt back on a hanger or pick up the toys their kids have scattered or read the signs listing our holiday hours.

And the questions they ask:

“Do you have this in a medium?” I will burn you where you stand with my laser death ray for not understanding the overly simple ordering of the small, medium, large clothing racks… I mean,*smile*, let me check for you.

“Do you have a dressing room?” I will turn you into an ice sculpture with my ice death ray. No, we force everyone to guess their size and engage in a lengthy buy, return, and buy in different size cycle… I mean, *smile*, it’s right there to the left behind the purses.

Not that I would kill or maim anyone. I’ve hung up my death rays and locked away my powered armor with kung fu grip. I have a simple life with a simple plan: Don’t make waves, just live out your life as an ordinary woman. It’s complicated by two facts: I am– was a super villain and I’m a trans woman.

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What’s the Last Thing You Remember?

I’m seven years old.

“She’s waking up.”

I’m lying on a bed. There’s two women in the room. I don’t see my mommy. “Where’s my mommy?”

“Hi, you’re in a hospital. Can you tell me the last thing you remember?” one woman asks. She’s wearing all white and seems nice.

“I was laying down in a machine to scan my brain,” I say.

“Good, good. Can you tell me how old you are?” She has a pretty smile.

“I’m seven. My birthday party was last week. We went skating.” It was a lot of fun.

“Good, first layer seems to have integrated. We should get her memories up to adult range as soon as possible.” The other woman is also dressed in white and she has a computer tablet. She doesn’t smile.

“Can you sit up?”

She helps me to sit up. Something feels weird. I look down and I have boobies. “I have boobies,” I say.

“Yes, you do. Can you look at the light?” She shines a light in my eyes and snaps her fingers near my head.

“Reaction time seems fine,” the other woman says.

“Ok, lay back down and put your head here.” She points to a hole in big metal donut at the head of the bed.

I don’t want to lay down. I’m scared. I want my mommy. “I want my mommy.”

“I know but first you have to lay down and then you can see your mommy, ok.”

“Promise?” I ask.

“Promise,” she says and crosses her heart. I lay down and put my head in the donut, “Ok, spin it up.”

“Preparing upload,” the woman with the tablet says.

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Serial Story: Love and Comets (complete)

Slice of life story; part space adventure and part lesbian relationship story.

In the present, Maria Flores is on a lone mission to save the Earth from a string of comets.  In the past, leading up to the mission launch she’s in love with Hailey Wen, who also works for the mission.

Part One: First Days

Part Two: Daily Grind

Part Three: Disasters

Part Four: Repairs

Part Five: Recovery