Gillian Reviews Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a brilliant sequel.  The first movie, of course, had to be an origin movie introducing not only several new characters but also the cosmic space setting.  It was a colorful action packed funny and at times moving (“We are Groot.”) film.  If it could be said to be lacking anything it was depth to the characters and their relationships.

This is where Vol. 2 shines.  Did you want to know about Gamora and Nebula’s relationship?  Did the reveal that Peter’s father is something unknown perk your interest?  What about Yondu and the Ravagers keeping Peter from his father?  Vol. 2 pick up these threads and runs with them.  Every main character gets some time to breath and become more fully realized.

While this movie doesn’t directly involve Thanos or the infinity stones, I definitely feel the strings starting to come together for the Infinity War.  One mid-credit scene promises to tie almost directly into it.

Stan Lee’s cameo and mid-credit scene are great.

I saw the movie in 2d and thought it looked marvelous.  I definitely noticed some shots that seemed made to play up the 3d but they weren’t too annoying.  I am almost tempted to see it again in 3d.  Bottom line I loved this movie and will probably be going to see it again 3d or not.

Rating 5/5

Spoilerish musings below.

I noticed in the credits during the part with the actors dancing in portraits there was one of Jeff Goldblum’s character from Thor: Ragnarok.  From the trailer, we already know the movie appears to visually more in line with the Guardians of the Galaxy aesthetic.  This cameo may just be a nod to that or a hint that Thor and the Guardians might be on a collision course.  There aren’t that many more movies left to get everyone in place for the Infinity War.

Yondu was the original Guardian of the Galaxy when he didn’t deliver Peter to his father twentyish years ago.  Young Peter with no other connections would probably have been easily influenced by Ego and helped fueled the Expansion ending life on countless worlds.

On the flip side, what if the only reason Peter could access the Light was because he had been exposed to an infinity stone.  Ten-year-old Peter might have been killed like all the rest of Ego’s children if he had been delivered on time.  Also, all those children might have been able to access the Light if they had just been exposed to an infinity stone.


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